Repeat prescription

22.4.2016: The e-prescription service is operational again!

Using this web form you can order a repeat prescription.

The issuing of a prescription without a visit in person is always assessed by a doctor. Patients have no automatic right to the issue of a repeat prescription. If your application is turned down, we will get in touch with you by email.

This service is available only to our registered patients and only for medication that is used long-term. Other prescriptions will not be issued in this way.

Please fill in all the sections in the web form below.


Please send e-prescription by email to the above email address. I understand that the above information, as well as the e-prescription, is transmitted across the internet in an unencrypted form.

I understand that electronic request for repeat prescription attracts a charge of 30 CZK.

We normally send repeat prescriptions within two working days of receiving your request.

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