From 3rd March 2017, we operate a waiting list to register with us.

We recommend that you use our online appointment system OASYS to set up your patient record with us. Apart from access to the internet and an email address, all you need to use this service is a Czech mobile phone number (because text messages form an integral part of it). We do not charge our standard 30 CZK for an internet appointment for your initial examination, if you have had to wait on the waiting list.

Alternatively you can download this .pdf form and fill it in electronically, or you can print it and fill it in by hand.

After setting up your patient record, all you have to do is wait for a message inviting you to make your initial appointment on line. You can return to this page to see how the waiting list is moving based on when you set up your patient record.

We are now inviting patients who applied in early June.

Unfortunately we cannot accurately predict how long you will spend on the waiting list to register with us, but it will most likely be in the range of 4-6 months. We are able to provide only very limited services to unregistered patients, and we therefore recommend that if you are not currently registered with any other general practitioner to register temporarily at another practice. Since (under Czech law) you can register with another practice every three months, this approach will ensure the continuity of your medical care.

When you come for your initial checkup please bring with you any medical records that you may have and/or details of medication that you use. If you are registered with another Czech general practitioner, please do not request your complete records - we will contact him or her following your initial checkup to request them (your original records should be archived by your previous doctor and we receive a summary of relevant information).

Note: We reserve the right not to register certain patients in accordance with Article 48 of Act No. 372/2011 Coll., on healthcare services and conditions for their provision (the Healthcare Services Act), as amended. 

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