Important changes in our services

In the first quarter of 2018, we plan to introduce a programme of additional services for registered patients, over and above those covered by public health insurance.

As a result our services will be changing for all patients. Please let us know here whether you want to participate in the programme or not. You will also find more information about the changes there.

Our general practice (doctor's office), well located at the Dejvická metro, provides high quality primary healthcare together with physiotherapy and psychotherapy. Newly refurbished premises offer a pleasant environment in which a well-qualified small team of doctors and nurses work to serve you.

We take bookings on both weekday mornings and evenings as part of our standard service, and provide a unique online appointment system. You can also order a repeat prescription online. Should you need to wait to see a doctor on a first-come, first-serve basis (for acute patients), free wifi and a kids corner are available to make your stay more pleasant and productive. (Please note however that we cannot provide care for children under the age of 16.)

We have contracts with all the public health insurance companies in the Czech Republic and also provide care on a purely private basis.

The surgery is a teaching practice for the First Medical Faculty of Charles University in Prague and you may therefore meet students during your consultations here. You are however under no obligation to enable their presence, should you not wish to. It is also accredited for training of young doctors, who typically leave us after gaining their full professional qualifications.

We support various charitable projects.

Our doctors speak English and Czech.

Please be aware that the vast majority of the work that we do is funded under the Czech public health insurance system. Please therefore be realistic in your expectations - if you wish to attend a centre where all staff speak fluent English and consultations are practically unlimited in length, you should seek an alternative clinic (there are many such options for fee-paying patients in Prague).

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